Cheap loan available for energy saving measures

Are you looking for a cheap loan? If you take energy-saving measures you may be eligible for a Cream Bank loan. Cream Bank Westrick has already provided loans for more than $ 3 million in the last 2 years. This has led to a total energy saving of more than 4.3 million kWh of energy. Applicants managed to save this energy, so that they could not only benefit from a low interest rate, but also reduce energy costs. Together they reduced CO2 emissions by 305 dollars, so that society as a whole benefits.


Cheap Cream Bank loan

Cheap Cream loan

Are you building or renovating and are you taking energy-saving measures? Then it is possible to take out a cheap Cream Bank loan. You then only pay 2% interest, a lot less than with a regular credit that you can take out. Specific target groups can even borrow at only 0% interest, which means they don’t have to incur any costs for this. These include people with an increased contribution from the health insurance fund, people with a limited income and people who rely on debt mediation or budget support.


Energy saving measures

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It is important to take energy-saving measures in order to be eligible for such a loan. This includes the installation of roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, exterior wall insulation or floor insulation. In addition, this may include the replacement of an old boiler, the installation of high-efficiency glazing or thermostatic valves. Finally, think of a room thermostat with a time switch, a solar water heater, a heat pump or triple glazing. Take into account the difference between the activities that only qualify for a renovation, or that also apply to new construction.


Maximum of $ 10,000 at 2% interest

Maximum of $ 10,000 at 2% interest

You can use the Cream Bank loan to borrow a maximum of $ 10,000 for the saving measures. You only pay 2% interest on this amount per year, making it a cost-effective alternative to the regular loans available. You must repay the loan over a maximum term of 5 years. You can find more information about the loan on Cream Bank Westrick website. It is worth considering where when you want to borrow money to carry out a renovation or start new construction, focusing on one or a few energy-saving measures in or around the house.