Free Credit Card – Get the benefits of a free credit card

We at Astrolite Credit listed the best alternatives. You can easily compare credit cards from several popular card issuers. You can also find information about what a free credit card is good for and how to find the best credit card.


What is a Free Credit Card?

Credit Card?

When talking about free credit cards it is often cards without an annual fee you mean. But it’s not just the annual fee that is on credit cards. It is therefore important that you compare the credit card and the costs before applying for a credit card.

Having a free credit card can be both a security but also a smart financial strategy. There are mainly two reasons for obtaining credit cards. The first and most common thing is to have it as an extra security if you get a sudden expense. The other reason why many people use credit cards is for their bonus system.


When does a free credit card fit?

credit card

It is almost always a better choice to choose a free credit card than a card with an annual fee. A credit card that is free when not in use is a big advantage. This way you can reduce your fixed costs.

For example, if you shop less for a month or if you have a credit card for unforeseen expenses. It is then important that the card is as cheap as possible.

But there are times when a credit card with an annual fee is a better option. Often have credit cards that cost other benefits than free cards. With a higher annual fee, the cardholder receives more benefits. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to choose a card that costs money if what you earn from using the card exceeds the cost of the credit card.


Which credit card without annual fee is best?

credit card without annual fee is best?

Which free credit card is best depends on the purpose for which you want to use it. There are gasoline cards, travel cards and credit cards that provide cashback. For most users, a free credit card with a bonus is a good option. But before choosing cards, you should compare different cards and review your financial situation to find the best credit card for you.

Popular credit cards that are free

Norwegian – This is a credit card with no fixed annual cost. You get points in almost every business and these are accumulated as bonus points for travel with the Norwegian travel company. You also receive a discount on travel with the company if you pay the trip with your credit card from Norwegian.

Gasoline Cards – When it comes to bonus cards at gas stations, there are several to choose from. Credit cards at OKQ8, Shell or Circle K are often free but you can only use it at their respective stations. You get a discount on gasoline right when you refuel.


Completely free credit card

credit card

When comparing credit cards, there are several things you need to look at. On the one hand, you have to decide on what goal you have with your credit card. But you also need to compare the cost of the credit card. First, to get a completely free credit card, it does not have to pay an annual fee. Second, it needs to be free of other fees, both running and extra fees to be free.


Common charges are added to credit cards

credit card

Although the card is counted as a free credit card, there may be different charges on the card. We’ve collected the most common fees you need to keep track of.

Annual fee

For the card to be free, the annual fee must be $0 per year. Annual fees for credit cards are usually from $395 per up and up. There are even credit cards that cost several thousand USD per year to be in annual fees. These often require a high income and some form of membership.

administration fee

When choosing a credit card and want a card that is free of charge, choose one with no charge. In many cases, you can get bill fees for $0 per month by choosing autogiro or e-invoice, but it can differ between the different credit card companies.


A third thing that differs greatly between the different credit card companies is what interest rate they charge. There are credit cards where you pay interest directly when you use the card. Then there is a credit card where you only pay interest if you choose to pay the invoice. If you want a free credit card, you need a card that does not charge interest directly but only when you defer payment of the entire amount. You also need to ensure that you can pay the entire amount you bought for directly if you want to use the card for free.